Our Booths

Our Booth was designed in late 2012 and built here in Australia by us. The traditional enclosed style Booth offers the authentic Booth experience, while encompassing state of the art equipment and technology providing you with the highest quality output. 



Unlike some Photo Booth companies, we do not use a webcam. Our Booth features a Canon SLR camera for crystal clear images



The Booth utilises a Mitsubishi dye-sublimation printer, the industry standard for Photo Booths. Prints are completed in less than 10 seconds, are instantly dry and feature a life of up to 100 years when stored in the right conditions


Traditional Style

The traditional enclosed style of the Booth offers an authentic experience that references the true origin of Photo Booths. The enclosure is an intimate space that evokes the best from people


Professional Lighting

The Booth features a total of 9 light sources, for soft, contoured light that captures you at your best. The Booth utilises both constant 5500k photographic lights and flashes.